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Living Coral, Floral Wedding Cake by Sinfully Sweet Cake Design

Living Coral and Gold wedding cake inspiration from the Cake of the Week, Sugarverse.

This week, we recently came across this beautifully designed wedding cake on Facebook, and it immediately became the top choice for this week's Cake of the Week title!

Created by Jenna Crawford of Sinfully Sweet Cake Design out of Cypress, TX, this cake is absolutely gorgeous and really speaks to the exact vibes of optimism that Pantone described when announcing Living Coral as the Color of 2019.

A few weeks ago Pantone, the design authority on colors, announced the color of the year to be Living Coral, and in this article we made a few predictions focusing on what that meant for the Sugarverse going into 2019.

Our Cake of the Week, is an inspiring wedding cake with the most elegant use of the Living Coral & Gold color scheme that we've seen this year!

This design features textures, an ombre like collection of roses cascading down the tiers and a hand panted gold center tier to bring balance to the top and bottom tiers.

If this were in a bridal photoshoot, I imagine the ladies in the bridal party wearing living coral colored dresses with a gold belt/sash of some kind. I'm totally in love with the classic and stunning nature of this cake...such a great use of an elegant color palette!

Shout out to Jenn for winning the #CakeOfTheWeek title this week!

Previous #CakeOfTheWeek Winner

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About Cake of the Week

The Cake of the Week is designed to raise awareness of the tremendous level of talent and artistry in the Sweet Community. These cakes or sweet treats showcase a trend, unique technique or mastery of skill that deserves to be shared with the Sugarverse and art lovers alike. If you have a design (cake, cupcake, sweet treat, etc) that you'd like considered for the Cake of the Week title, please submit your images and description here.

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