Lucky Charms Cookies are totally a thing!

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Pillsbury releases Limited Edition Lucky Charms Cookie Dough

Pillsbury just launched Lucky Charms inspired cookies, and we’re totally here for it!

Oh em gee...this is not a drill friends! Pillsbury just launched a limited edition, Luck Charms themed break & bake cookie dough, and we can't wait to try it. According to Bustle, the "magically delicious" cookies are available at select Hy-Vee and Walmart until 2020, and they will be released nationally in January.

According to Pillsbury, each package of pre-cut dough comes with 12 "big sugar cookies with marshmallow bits" inspired by the iconically shaped marshmallow pieces found in the classic Lucky Charms cereal by General Mills.

Pillsbury has done a bang up job over the years expanding its flavor options in the ready to bake section of the cookie dough aisle, and to be honest I often browse this refrigerated area of the grocery store to find flavor inspirations for my own cakes and treats. One of my all time favorites in the Pillsbury break & bake line up is the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme cookies. So delicious!! Now, with the release of this new flavor, I'm interested to see if the Luck Charms cookies will de-thrown my faves. Make sure to follow my Instagram, and I'll keep you posted!

To the scratch bakers and folks who don't rock with pre-made dough, I haven't forgotten you. Keep scrolling to check out a few internet finds that I  had to share since we're talking about Luck Charms and all. 

3 Lucky Charm inspired desserts you didn't know you needed in your life.

#1. White Chocolate Lucky Charms Cookies, from scratch

I had to include this gem that I found from The Recipe Rebel. I already know that some of the #TeamScratch crew will be turned off by the idea of baking cookies from pre-made dough. So since this is a safe space for all baking preferences, I figured it would be nice to offer up an equivalent alternative to the break & bake option. One of my favorite parts about this recipe is the fact that she added the actual non-marshmallow part of the cereal into the batter. Yum!! That definitely took the flavor up a few notches. (via The Recipe Rebel).

#2. No bake, Luck Charms Treats

Direct link to Pillsbury's recipe for No-Bake Lucky Charms™ Treats.

Obviously inspired by the childhood favorite, Rice Krispy treats, this sugary snack is basically a classic within a classic. I mean really...the only way this beauty could be more iconic is if it was topped by the toy that was inside of the cereal box. LOL! (via Pillsbury

#3. Lucky Rainbow Chex Mix

Direct link to Tablespoon Kitchen's recipe for Lucky Rainbow Chex™ Mix.

As if we needed to add more sugar to the situation, I couldn't resist adding this one to the list. To be honest, before I read the actual recipe, I thought this was made with those little frosted animal crackers. However, upon further research I realized they were actually chocolate covered pieces Rice Chex cereal. I guess the name should have tipped me off, but my eyes had me convinced on first glance. If you're looking to cut the sugar, you might want to avoid this one completely. However, the way my life is set up this is actually the first one on my to try list the next time I get in the kitchen. (via Tablespoon Kitchen)

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