Cyd's First Live Interview, Gift Biz Gal

Jan 17 2016 0 Comments Tags: bakery, business, cakes, cupcakes, success, sweets

Profile image of Cydni Mitchell, founder of Sweet Fest

This week Sue Monhait, the Gift Biz Gal herself, released an interview which she conducted with our founder Cyd to introduce our girl to the Gift Biz Unwrapped listeners. Sue is the owner of The Ribbon Print Company in Highland Park, IL and the host of Gift Biz Unwrapped podcast. The Ribbon Print Company provides ribbon printing hardware, consumables and technical support so sweet makers & crafters can print beautiful ribbons with ease right in the office, store or home.

The goal of the Gift Biz Unwrapped podcast is to provide insight into what successful gift business owners have done to build their business. During the podcast you will l hear the whole story from the start up vision, to challenges, wins and the plan for the future. Each guest also shares processes, tools and strategies for success in the gift industry.

Promotional image of Sue Monhait's Podcast Gift Biz UnwrappedIn each episode, you will discover what others are doing that is working now. Understand why it performs, how it can help your business and where you can access more information. If you are a gift business owner (or thinking about it) and want to stay updated on new business techniques and enjoy hearing others' business journey then this show is for you!  Click the link to listen to Cyd's Story about her journey to Sweet Fest and her plans for the future.

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