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Break out of your shell! Make Chocolate Truffle Eggs for Easter.

Mar 13 2017

Chocolate Easter Egg truffle ideas from the Sweet Fest, Sweet Success Business Blog.With Easter just around the corner, I went on the “hunt” for a few Easter Holiday treat inspirations that I could either try or share with the our Facebook support group the Sweet Success Project just in case anyone was interested. First, I stumbled across a cute little chocolate egg making tutorial by...

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The #1 reason understanding your cost is so important... #PricingQuestions

Mar 02 2017 Tags: bakery, business, cakes, cupcakes, success, sweets

Promotional image for Pricing Blog article written by Cyd of Sweet FestWhy is understanding cost so important in business? Well, the short answer is to make sure that you are making money (aka a profit). Over the last 2 weeks, we were out West connecting with Sweet Peeps at both LA Cookie Con & Sweets Show in Los Angeles and That Takes the Cake Show in Austin.

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Make more #sugaCoins with less work. The art of the up-sell!

Aug 14 2016 Tags: bakery, business, cakes, cupcakes, success, sweets

Promotional image of money to illustrate the points in the article written by Cyd Mitchell of Sweet Fest.We've been talking a lot lately about how to stand out in your sweet business. We've thrown out ideas about hand-written thank you cards for customers and follow-up emails after delivery, and these have all been excellent ideas. However, it just occurred to me today, that we should also talk about how to use product offerings as a way to...

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10 Rules for Success - Steve Jobs

May 13 2016 Tags: bakery, business, cakes, cupcakes, success, sweets

Blog thumbnail image of trophy to illustrate success. In the article Cyd Mitchell of Sweet Fest shares a video on the 10 Rules of Success according to Steve Jobs.There's no doubt that Steve Jobs is one of the most influential people of our time. In this article, I will share a video of Steve's Top 10 Rules for Success. I mean really, when one of the most successful guys who ever walked the earth gives tips on success, I would hope we'd all pay attention.

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