Break out of your shell! Make Chocolate Truffle Eggs for Easter.

Mar 13 2017

I don’t have near as much time to experiment in the kitchen as I’d like to these days due to (1) managing web design projects, (2) responding to Sweet Maker questions in the Sweet Success Project Facebook Group, and (3) planning the upcoming annual Sweet Fest Business Conference.

Since most of you reading this post are Bakery or Sweet Business Owners, I’m sure that you understand where I am coming from. Shoot, even if you don't have a business, life in general can get way too busy, and most of us don't have the extra time to do as much fun stuff as we'd like, such as playing in the kitchen.

So, although I don't have a ton of time to play in the lab (aka the kitchen), I do (somehow) find time to browse the Internet for things to try on the off chance that I get some down time.

With Easter just around the corner, I went on the “hunt”…Easter Egg hunt pun intended 😉 …for a few Easter Holiday treat inspirations that I could either try or share with the group just in case anyone was interested.

Chocolate Easter Egg truffle ideas from the Sweet Fest, Sweet Success Business Blog.First, I stumbled across a cute little chocolate egg making tutorial by Wilton which totally sent me down a rabbit hole of research on the Internet…Easter Bunny pun totally not intended, lol…

Any who…the Wilton tutorial instantly reminded me of a chocolate truffle tutorial series that I found on Youtube a few months ago. During this series, Ann Reardon of “How to Cook That” shares recipes for a variety of chocolate truffles with various fillings.

Ya’ll...oh em gee!! Ann’s recipes are so unique, yet some how pretty simple and easy to follow. Watching the videos make me want to head straight to Michael’s, buy some molds and start making chocolate treats!! LOL! Oh…I may have forgotten to mention that I am the BIGGEST chocolate lover!! 😋#yummy #chocoholic

Anyway, back to the story…of course I didn’t find the “How to Cook That” videos that I was looking for right away. Instead, I came across another awesome and yummy tutorial by the super talented Youtuber Gemma Stafford. In this video, she shared one recipe which reminded me of the old Cadbury Easter Eggs of my childhood. I'm still not sure if she was going for a remake of the classic candy, but still I thought it was a great recipe! So I figured I’d share the link to that video too.

Below are the results of my Easter Candy treat making inspirations search…

(1) Sweet Candy Egg Easter Treats by Wilton
This candy tutorial is great in theory, but I wanted the flexibility of having a more than chocolate as a filling, which is why I went on the hunt for the Ann’s Chocolate Truffle Recipe video on Youtube. The Wilton tutorial has a list of supplies, but apparently the Easter Egg Silicone Treat Mold is no longer available, which kind of defeats the purpose. LOL! However, I did find a few chocolate egg mold options on Amazon. Since I didn't want to recommend a tutorial with missing pieces, I have posted images with links to where these items can be found online.

Chocolate Easter Egg truffle ideas from the Sweet Fest, Sweet Success Business Blog.

(2) Chocolate Easter Eggs (Easy, No-Bake Recipe) by Gemma Stafford
Although I don’t know if Gemma wanted these treats to mimic Cadbury Eggs, they certainly reminded me of them. SPOILER ALERT…the chocolate eggs are filled with cheesecake and mango jam. When I do have the time to try Gemma's recipe, I don’t think I will use mango jam, just because I am not of a mango fan. I actually might go with coloring a little bit of cheesecake yellow. I’m not sure just yet. 😃  Here's the video. 



(3) Chocolate Truffles Series, How To Cook That by Ann Reardon
As I mentioned earlier, even though I like the concepts behind each of the above Chocolate Easter Egg tutorials, I want to have a bit more variety when I make my chocolate treats this holiday. Therefore, I searched and searched until I finally found the chocolate truffle video that I had been looking for. This video is the 4th in a four part series that Ann updates (what looks like) on an annual basis. I posted the video below, but on her Youtube channel she has links to all of the previous truffle videos...just in case you want to go down your own Internet rabbit hole. 😂 



If you try any of these tutorials, please make sure to hashtag #SweetFest in your social media posts. We would love to see how your delicious projects turn out!

See you in the group!

Cydni Mitchell is the owner of Sweet Fest the company that helps bakers and sweet business owners in their sweets businesses.


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