Sweet Fest Con

What is Sweet Fest Con?

The Sweet Fest® Business Conference, also known as Sweet Fest Con, is a business only conference for bakery & sweet business owners. Sweet Fest Con takes place in Atlanta, GA from Sept 21 - 24, 2017 and is crammed with invaluable information & tips to help Sweet Entrepreneurs with learning how to grow and manage a profitable sweet business. Sweet Fest Con goes beyond the typical trade show, cake competition, or sweets expo in that it places a heavier emphasis on sharing business knowledge & tools with the Sweet Community. Visit the official conference website to learn more about the presenter line-up and pricing options.

Conference Highlights

The Sweet Fest Business Conference is an annual business only conference that helps bakery and sweet business owners learn how to run and manage a profitable sweets and baking business. This picture is was taken during a lecture at a prior conference.

Following breakfast, professionals from the industry will lead discussions and presentations around the key conference topics including, but not limited to, the following: copyrights/trademarks, gaining new business, marketing, branding, managing customers issues, having your work published, dealing with baker/sweet maker burn out, growing your business & product offerings, and much more.

We jump right in to the weekend with a fun & creative demo/networking mashup called the Skills Share-A-Thon. This evening activity will be the perfect way to break the ice and to meet your peers & product partners in the sweets industry. The night will include product/technique demos, food, alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, and networking.

What would you do if the cake hit the floor while out for delivery? How do you deal with a bride with caviar dreams and a grilled cheese budget? If you haven't been there yet, just stay in the sweets business a little bit longer. Friday Evening, we will discuss some of the craziest sugar situations we've ever encountered in business. This will be an awesome opportunity to learn from each others' experiences and grow.

Break out the suspenders, bow ties, and glasses. It's time to party! No business conference is complete without a "TOTALLY NERDY" evening party to bring it all home. Conference attendees are requested, but not required, to dress in full on NERD or 80's throwback attire for this evening social. We want everyone to go all out and have the "Nerdiest time of their lives!" If you missed the fun last year, make sure to check out the video to see how much fun you can expect to have this year!

NEW in 2017, we have added specialty 2-hour masterclass sessions during the day on Saturday. Depending upon which conference experience you register for, you could participate in up to 4 of these masterclass sessions. Non-attendees can also register for up to 2 classes or the Full 4-hour Quickbooks session without registering to attend the entire conference.

Home Based Business Essentials
Opening a Storefront
Photography Fundamentals
Quickbooks Training
How to Deliver Your Clients Dream
Strategic Social Media Marketing

Contracts & Customer Service
Become an Online Instructor
Legal Dish on Baking with Booze

Full masterclass descriptions are available on the Official Sweet Fest Con website.

Inside Sweet Fest Con, Episode: 1

Watch Dawn Marie Belisle of Delights by Dawn and Sweet Business Coach, Cyd of Sweet Fest, discuss the important legal matters that all bakers and sweet makers should consider when running a Sweet Business. Dawn is a lawyer turned baker and one of the Presenters and Masterclass Instructors at this year's Sweet Fest Con in September. For more details visit www.sweetfestcon.com. Sweet Fest Con is scheduled for September 21 - 24 in Atlanta, GA. [NOTE: Dawn's sound is low, but it gets MUCH better at minute 14:13.]

Inside Sweet Fest Con, Episode: 2

Watch Lacey Reichwald of TheSweetSpot Whitewater and Cyd of Sweet Fest discuss the importance of developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your Baking or Sweets Business. Lacey owns a bakehouse and coffee shop in Whitewater, WI and is in charge of Social Media marketing among other things. Not to mention, she is a pro at turning followers into customers and will be sharing her strategies at this year's Sweet Fest Con, September 21 - 24 in Atlanta, GA. For more details and to register visit www.sweetfestcon.com.